The Decision on the Support shall be issued at the request of an Entrepreneur.

In accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology of 29 August 2018  on the entrustment to the managing entity of the Legnica Special Economic Zone of issuing the decision on the support and executing control over the implementation of the decision on support, Legnica Special Economic Zone S.A. [Joint-Stock Company] shall issue the Decision on the support of new investment implemented in the area managed by LSSE S.A.

Map of the area managed by LSSE S.A.

The Decision on the Support determines

  • the period of its duration,
  • subject of business activity,
  • terms and conditions which must be fulfilled by an entrepreneur, pertaining to:
  • employment by an entrepreneur of a particular number of staff members in connection with new investment, for a defined period of time;
  • incurrence of eligible costs of a new investment by an entrepreneur within a defined time limit;
  • time limit for finalization of new investment, after the expiry of which the investment costs incurred by an entrepreneur cannot be considered as eligible costs;
  • maximum amount of eligible costs which may be taken into consideration during the determination of the maximum amount of the state aid;
  • quantitative criteria and qualitative criteria to the fulfilment of which an entrepreneur has undertaken;
  • area on which new investment will be executed in consideration of recording data of real property

The Decision on the Support  of the new investment is an administrative decision issued in compliance with provisions of the Code of Administrative Procedure.

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