The subzone is located at A18 motorway, near the A4 and A18 interchange. Labour potential of the subzone is located in the city of Bolesławiec (11 kilometres) and the city of Legnica (40 kilometres). Due to the excellent transportation system, the subzone attracted such companies asHörmann Legnica Sp. z o.o. or Młynpol Sp. J. The vicinity of border crossings in Zgorzelec and Jędrzychowice enables companies to expand their activity at other European markets.

The total area of the subzone is 80.10 ha. The total area left for development is 54 ha. The subzone offers parcels from 0.9 ha to 42.4 ha. It is possible to divide the existing parcels and to join them into larger complexes. The subzone is equipped with complete technical infrastructure except for gas network.

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