n the vicinity of the Legnica Special Economic Zone (LSEZ, Polish: LSSE) there are 26 vocational and technical schools and 8 universities open to cooperation with the investors. For employers, this means unrestricted access to highly qualified staff and engineers.

The Ministry of National Education announced that the school year 2014-2015 shall be the School of Professionals Year, but, in fact, Lower Silesia has already been implementing the idea of popularisation of vocational education for years. An example of successful cooperation between science and business is the class patronage program, implemented by some companies operating in the Legnica Special Economic Zone. It is thanks to the investments in human capital that Lower Silesia managed to outrun other regions in the field of vocational education.

Due to the commitment of our investors, such as Volkswagen, Winkelmann, Haerter and Vorwerk, it was possible to create 10 supported classes in lower and upper secondary schools e.g. in Legnica, Chocianów and Środa Śląska.

Thanks to the efforts of Volkswagen Motor Polska, the profession of “mechatronics technician” has been officially entered in the Polish Register of Occupations and is very popular nowadays, with the graduates with such a title being in constant demand in the labour market.